Here are some things to consider when selling/soliting New Releases:   Here are some things to consider if you want to sell Used records, tapes and Cds 

If you are selling new releases:

 Record Grouch

Attn: Brian
986 Manhattan Ave
Storefront R
Brooklyn, NY 1122
U. S. A



If you are selling your own vinyl, tapes or Cds:


We want to make selling your collection as easy as we can.  We also remain committed to making sure you are happy too.  

We pay in cash at the time of sale, or if you prefer, a combination of store credit and cash! If you\\\'re in our part of the country (Greater New York) we can work out an in-person meeting, but we can also buy your records through the mail. We\\\'ll even cover all of the shipping and send you appropriate mailers.  We want to make the exchange fair to both of us, so we are happy to discuss how we arrive at the amount we offer.